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They are Lara Mele and Maurice Wills (Mo as he's affectionately known), and they are Infinity Multisport! "Infinity" meaning "without end" and "unboundedness" refers to various concepts that pop up constantly in everything from philosophy to science. So what does that have to do with multisport training and coaching? Simple really. Lara and Mo chose the name Infinity because as endurance athletes dealing with physical, mental and emotional capabilities every single one of us has an unlimited capacity to learn, excel and achieve our goals.
Lara and Mo have 30+ years of combined coaching experience between them. TWENTY YEARS!!! Both have trained athletes and personally raced in every distance from Sprint to Ironman. Mo has knocked out 12 Ironmans and Lara with an impressive six under her belt. Combine they have coached hundreds of athletes of all levels, ages and speeds across the finish line with 50+ athletes completing more than 100 Ironman distance races around the world.

The duo also shares active interests outside the multisport world such as adventure racing, marathons, ultra-running, cyclocross, mountain biking, and even snowboarding! Who is the better snowboarder? Well, that remains to be seen!! All that being said, Lara and Mo hope you join them for a class, group training or even private coaching soon. They know and guarantee that they'll be able to guide you through your journey to becoming the best endurance athlete you can; promising it to be insightful, amazing and fun the whole ride!!

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